15 Healthy Breakfast Inspirations

  1. Wholemeal seeded toast with nut butter, banana and chia seeds

  2. Berry smoothie with added spinach or superfood powder (spirulina, wheatgrass, maca etc)

  3. Scrambled tofu with roasted tomato, mushrooms, peppers and boiled/raw spinach (optional side of wholemeal seeded toast)

  4.  Porridge with almond milk, added plant protein and toppings of berries/bananas/nuts

  5. Quinoa fruit salad- Mixed tropical fruit mixed with cooked quinoa and additional coconut yogurt

  6. Bowl of cereal with almond milk, berries, puffed wheat and chia seeds

  7. Wholemeal toast with vegan cheese spread, topped with tomatoes, grilled onion and a cup of green smoothie

  8. Vegan pancakes/waffles with nut butter/soy yogurt/fruit/maple syrup

  9. Avocado toast with grilled peppers and a side bowl of mixed fruit

  10. Homemade granola with dried fruit and nuts, mixed with coconut yogurt, fresh fruit and chia seed/flaxseed mix

  11. Sweet potato and chickpea fritters stacked up high with a homemade tomato salsa

  12. Zucchini oatmeal with soy milk and topped with bananas and nuts (optional added plant protein)

  13. Peanut butter and banana protein smoothie

  14. Green superfood smoothie- apple, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut water and cucumber

  15. Black bean breakfast burrito with guacamole and salsa