Delicious Sweets

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Candy Kitten’s new recipe is vegan friendly, gluten free, natural flavouring with real fruit juice. This means the sweets can be enjoyed by everyone! The 4 flavours are Sour Watermelon, Wild Strawberry, Peach Fizz and Blueberry Bliss.

Smith and Sinclair

Unique alcohol and confectionery based products dedicated to making home entertaining and gifting a more joyful and fun experience with Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, Edible Fragrance and Cocktail F.I.Z.Z.

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Mallow and Marsh

Creamy chocolate marshmallow whisked to gooey perfection and covered in Belgian milk chocolate.

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Vegan All Sorts

A wide variety of different type of vegan sweets such as cola bottles, bonbons, laces, lollypops and more!

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Free From Fellows

Vegan, gluten free, gelatine free, dairy free, palm oil free, nut free, egg free! Delicious unique sweets that are so tasty!