Top Canned Drinks

Plastic waste is a very big issue in the world, so it is important to find other forms of packaging away from single use plastic. Heres where canned drinks come in to play! The perfect chance to stop participating in plastic wastage and jump on the trend of canned drinks.

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CanO Water

With approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean each year, CanO Water is an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic bottles. Recycle your can and it will be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks.

There are resealable cans of water and also the options of still or sparkling.

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Tenzing Energy Drink

A healthy and energising drink made purely from plants. Packed with hydrating Himalayan rock salt, anti-oxidising Indian Gooseberries and energising Guarana.

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Ugly Drinks

No sugar, sweetener or calories. Nothing artificial, just flavoured sparkling water that can be delivered to your door in lots of different flavours.

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Headline Wines

Headline Wines creates wine for a new generation of drinkers. Headline wines keep things simple. Baffling tasting notes and complicated wine jargon are out, and a clear, approachable, fun way is in.

Bold, brave and social, this is a new way of doing wine.

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