10 Healthy Dinner Ideas

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  1. Yogurt based (coconut yog)  chickpea curry packed with vegetables (i use onion, pepper, garlic, peas, cauliflower, sweetcorn and broccoli

  2. Mexican 3 bean chilli- black beans, kidney beans and pinto beans in a rich tomoato sauce, side of homemade tortilla chips and brown rice (optional guacamole and salsa dips)

  3. Lentil and potato soup

  4. Grain salad with cold tofu pieces and chickpeas

  5. Homemade bean burger with sweet potato fries, and grilled tenderstem broccoli 

  6. Quorn pieces vegetable stir fry with crushed almonds 

  7. Falafel, caualiflower and carrot bowl- shredded red cabbage, greens and buckwheat 

  8. Tofu cooked in a tomato sauce, with a fresh mixed leaf salad and a side of brown rice

  9. Vegan sausages (many different ranges in supermarkets) with sweet potato wedges, raw peppers, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes

  10. Tempeh/Seitan pieces grilled with a side of stuffed peppers (quinoa, beans and onions) (optional added green vegetables)